Capacity Building for Enablers

A system is as effective as the enablers inside of it. For effective functioning of the startup ecosystem, the Telangana government emphasizes on regular capacity building for all its enablers. Enablers of the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and startups include government officials, incubators and angel investors. With these stakeholders in mind, the Telangana Government has through its various affiliated entities conducted workshops, training programmes and networking events. Some of these initiatives include developing an advisory network consisting of investors and mentors for facilitating State incubators, masterclasses and one-on-one interactions to connect startups with investors, and training sessions imparting best practices and knowledge-exchange to government officials. Some examples of these initiatives include :

Government Officials


Angel Investors

‘Communication for Innovation’ workshop:
Twitter India organised a day-long workshop for the DPROs (District Public Relation Officers) of all 33 districts of Telangana, imparting training to them on community communication for innovation, through social media. The focus of the workshop was the usage of social media communication channels to spread the culture of Innovation and Startups in Telangana.
Sensitization Workshops for Government Officials on the Startup Ecosystem of India

Three events:

1. Master on Building the Business Model for Incubators/Accelerators by Ravi Narayan with Lets Venture 
2. Telangana Innovation Partners Panel Discussion
3. Incubation Master Classes

1. T-Angel Launch
2. Angel Training Workshop

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