Telangana launched its Open Data Policy in September 2016, with a view to bring in transparency, accountability, responsiveness and efficiency in governance, and earned the distinction of only the second State in India to do so. The Telangana State Open Data Policy (TSODP) 2016 outlined the need for building information systems for interoperability and greater information accessibility; assist various departments / institutions to proactively share data in human-readable and machine-readable formats using open standards and under open license; creating a data inventory for each department; creating a negative list etc. Telangana Open Data Policy 2016 takes inspiration from the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP), 2012 and Right to Information Act, 2005. 

Under the initiative, the Telangana Government had launched a dedicated portal –

It hosts hundreds of datasets and resources and also has APIs for select datasets for ease of access by technology enthusiasts. The Portal has been developed in such a way that entrepreneurs, journalists, citizens and other stakeholders can use it with ease.

Please press the below link for Telangana Open data Data Policy ( TSODP)

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