Electronics Policy


This policy aims at becoming the destination for Electronic industries by channeling the sustainable ecosystem while increasing the employment levels in the state.


E-Waste management Policy


This policy aims at creating societal awareness regarding the segregation and management of e-waste. It also aims to install an e-waste refurbishing and recycling system.


Image Policy


Telangana Animation and Gaming (IMAGE) City will be set up in RR District, Hyderabad in an appropriate extent of land by Government through Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation(TSIIC). This policy is aiming to enhance the demand of animation, ensuring exponential growth and attracting investments into the industry. The IMAGE City will be a world-class facility that will provide an ideal environment for various types of businesses in the Animation, Visual effects, Gaming & Comics Industry.



Industrial Policy


The Industrial Policy will aim at providing a framework to stabilize & make existing industries competitive, thereby attracting international and national investments in the industrial sector


Innovation Policy


The state had launched an Innovation Policy in 2016 that aimed to boost innovation and entrepreneurship, leveraging upon its natural demographic assets with the help of skilled technology and research professionals. The state has a unique model in the country for developing a robust startup ecosystem and runs with an objective to foster an innovation driven economy.


Lifesciences Policy


Telangana is the epicentre for Life Sciences and has come to be recognized as a vaccine hub of India, World contributing about 33% of global vaccines to the elimination of pain and disease globally. Given the pandemic and the need for a vaccine, 3 out of 6 Indian Companies are in the race to make the first COVID vaccine and are Hyderabad, Telangana headquartered.

open data

Open Data Policy


Open Data Policy launched in the year 2016 has revolutionised the open data platform and opened up government data to a host of potential applications. Telangana's Open Data policy is aimed at transparency and also to enable Startups and other companies to address public issues by finding solutions using the datasets made available. The Open Data Policy of Government of Telangana is supported by the Open Data Platform which acts as the central repository of all the datasets of the Government of Telangana that should be in the public domain.


Rural Policy


The Information Technology sector is transforming rapidly with the growth of sub-sectors such as Data
Analytics, Gaming & Animation, Social Media etc. it is just a matter of time before these rural centres become
centres of development and support for these technologies. Given the gamut of tasks that could be performed, the
Government of Telangana intends to call these centres as Rural Technology Centres (RTCs).


Social Innovation Policy


The Social Innovation Policy of Telangana is driven by — Collaborate, Innovate and
Transform. This policy intends to stimulate the development of a social innovation
ecosystem by establishing a framework that will provide the structures, resources and
intermediaries necessary to foster social innovation.


Solar Policy


In order to harness the solar power potential of the state and to contribute to the long-term energy security of the state through higher contribution of solar energy, the state in the year 2015 came up with Solar Power Policy.


Textiles & Apparel Policy


Textiles and Apparel present a rich opportunity to help the sector grow manifold through a sector-focused comprehensive policy framework for the industry. T-TAP shall provide Scheme for Capital Assistance (S-Cap), Scheme for Operational Assistance(S-Op) to existing and new units along with providing hard and soft infrastructure support to the Sector with Scheme for Infrastructure Support (S-IP) and Scheme for Capacity Building and Skill Development (S-CAD).


Grassroot Innovation

The diversity of the state of Telangana and myriad of opportunities to contribute to the economic and social welfare of its populace, convinces of the critical role of Grassroots Innovation in the next spurt of growth, inclusive development, and multiple clusters of economic prosperity. The Grassroots Innovation Framework, which has been envisaged for a period of 5 years, 2020-2025, aims at bridging the existing gaps, to further nurture the existing Grassroots Innovation ecosystem into becoming a robust one.

Emerging Technologies

cloud adoption policy (1)

Telangana Cloud Adoption Policy


The Telangana Cloud Adoption Policy 2020 aims to enable the acceleration of e-Governance plans, transform the speed, scale and quality of citizen service delivery's, achieve low cost, high operational efficiency, and also emerge as a leader of Emerging Technologies in India. ITE&C Department is setting up a dedicated team of cloud specialists to accelerate cloud adoption across Telangana’s user departments by propagating best practices and capacity building across functions. To further simplify the procurement process and accelerate cloud adoption, a catalogue of CSP’s services along with their discovered prices, would be made available on the e-procurement portal of  TSTS.


Telangana EVES Policy


The Telangana Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy 2020-2030 was launched in order to promote clean technology and high-density energy storage solutions and to create a shift to a cleaner transportation as Electric Vehicles are the future of mobility. The policy has earmarked a separate fund for supporting Startups for doing research and innovation in EV & Battery technologies called as T-Fund. The Telangana Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy 2020-2030 has also mentioned about creation of a dedicated wing for prototyping of EV components/assembly & battery in its prototyping centre, T-Works, and open this for Startups at subsidized rates.


AI Framework

Telangana's Artificial Intelligence Framework


The Telangana AI Framework is launched to address six pillars as, Data Exchange Platform and HPAIC, Skilling and Education, Governance, Ethics and Privacy, Research and Innovation, Enabling Adoption and Community Collaboration, AI Innovestment Fund. The Telangana AI Framework, it has mentioned about starting AI Startup Internship Program. The State will partner with incubators/ accelerators across the state to offer Telangana’s college students the opportunities to work with AI Startups and receive college credits on successful completion of internship.

Drone framework

Telangana's Drone Framework 2019


The Telangana State Drone Framework has been launched to enable the drone industry to grow and improve service delivery to the citizens, demonstrating the use of technology for societal benefit. Telangana Government will provide fiscal incentives available under “Incentives for IT/ITeS Units” and “ESDM Policy” to drone and drone component manufacturers and service providers in order to further boost the drone industry. It has also mentioned that government will provide cloud services (Infrastructure as a service) to drone Startups in the proposed T-Cloud.

blockchain framework

Telangana's Blockchain Framework


The Telangana State Drone Framework has been launched to enable the drone industry to grow and improve service delivery to the citizens, demonstrating the use of technology for societal benefit. Telangana Government will provide fiscal incentives available under “Incentives for IT/ITeS Units” and “ESDM Policy” to drone and drone component manufacturers and service providers in order to further boost the drone industry. It has also mentioned that government will provide cloud services (Infrastructure as a service) to drone Startups in the proposed T-Cloud.


Telangana IOT Policy


IOT policy explains the support the government will provide to the private sector including private companies, startups, R&D institutions to manufacture their IoT devices in the state, to develop corresponding algorithms and other software, and to achieve an integration of the hardware and the software. The policy also explains about how the government proposes to set up a comprehensive ecosystem for IoT, and how the government intends to use these technologies through its multiple departments and agencies.Through IOT Policy government will provide Early Stage Funding, Mentoring and Industry Collaboration, Service Provider Network, Manufacturing Support to the startups.


Telangana Cyber Security Policy


With the launch of policy on Cyber Security, State government aims to make a strong statement to become the go-to hub where all stakeholders work on developing new products, test them, and eventually deploy them the world over. The government will also provide a legal framework that raises the confidence of the private sector in sourcing their cyber security-related services from the State.



Telangana Data Analytics Policy


With the launch of Data Analytics Policy Government aims to create dedicated infrastructure, enhance the supply of quality manpower, encourage private companies to set up their analytics units within the State, promote innovation and R&D, and encourage all the Government agencies to utilize analytics more and more in their decision-making processes. Through data analytics policy government has offered several relaxations for the startups such as a dedicated incubator for startups, Relaxation in Govt Procurement Rule, annual Data Analytics Public Challenge and others.

ICT Policy

ICT policy


The government of Telangana has released the ICT policy of the state in April 2016. The ICT policy of Telangana was considered as one of the best ict policies across the country and it led to the launch of several focused sub sector policies such as data center policy, open data policy, AI framework amd electronics policy. The ICT policy has been the guiding document for most of the initiatives, organizations and activities planned by the ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana

Space Tech Framework (1)

Space Tech Draft Policy Framework


This is a Space Tech draft policy framework that has been formulated by the Emerging Technologies Wing of ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana, in consultation with the industry and academia. The draft framework seeks to provide for consideration and discussion, a policy framework that will support private sector’s participation in the space economy.

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