Innovation is important to all companies but the very premise of a startup is based on fresh, new ideas, additionally, there is a thirst for risk and transformation. They, therefore, tend to have a special relationship with innovation. Over the past few years, Telangana has made significant contributions to building a world-class innovation ecosystem in the state. In 2016, the state launched its innovation policy with the aim to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the government has established and supported numerous eco-system enablers for startups and entrepreneurs such as TSIC, T-Hub, T-Works, WE-Hub, RICH, and TASK.

The state has been a pioneer in the domain of social and grassroot innovation giving a platform for social and grassroot innovators to thrive and create a credible impact.

Grassroot Innovation

Social Innovation

Grassroot Innovation

Grassroot Innovation is an essential fragment as it has a dynamic aspect because the innovative products and ideas are originated and designed by a person who belongs to the grassroots of the nation. Telangana state has been consistently enterprising a robust grassroot innovation ecosystem with the objectives to identify, celebrate and provide sector specific assistance to rural innovators. The state has strived to work towards representing identified innovators through visibility & recognition and enable the villages through diffusion of innovation. Several events and meets have been organised to stimulate the people.

Grassroot Innovation has a tremendous influence over people can relate to the people established by it and can make several young people to understand that they can achieve greatness with the help of the state and its modern resources , better things are yet to come.

The Government of Telangana has defined Grassroot Innovation and Startups with Grassroot/Rural impact as follows in the G.O.Ms.No. 8 dated 27-07-2021.

Definition of Grassroot Innovation:

Grassroot Innovation is a term that has gained recent popularity in India and other developing nations. While the term “Grassroot Innovation” can be understood by alloying the meaning of the word “Grassroot” and “Innovation” together; its ambit can hardly be contained in the definition. But for the sake of clarity, we would define “Innovation”, “Grassroot” and “Grassroot Innovation” to make the initial contours.

Innovation: An idea/product which is unprecedented/novel manifested through its usage of either one or multiple of the undermentioned:

  1. Method
  2. Material
  3. Application
  4. Business System

Grassroot: Grassroot is a collective term to represent the economically marginalized, bottom most pyramid of the society. For clarification, this economically marginalized section of society is not to be taken as marginalized in other capitals like: skill, intellectual, and ethical. This is a collective mass of people who could be termed as “Last Mile” “The last beneficiary”, “Antyodaya”.

Grassroot Innovation: Grassroot Innovation by simple amalgamation of the definition of its parts becomes: Innovation with direct implication for the people at Grassroots.

Grassroot innovation has traditionally been done by grassroot innovators but increasingly startups too have ventured into the space of grassroot innovation.

Definition of “Startups with Grassroot/Rural Impact”:

A registered entity (Private Limited Company, Registered Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, or One Person Company) that uses technology or innovative methodologies to improve livelihoods, processes, lifestyles, health, education or the general welfare of the people at grassroots as defined in the definition above will be called as Startups with grassroot/rural impact.

T Innovation

School innovation

Intita Innovator Exhibition

Assistive Technology

Village Innovation Challenge

Innovation Yatra

Impact of Grassroot Innovation Initiative

0 100

Grassroot Innovators Scouted from “Intinta Innovator exhibition”

0 100

FPOs have been mobilized on Grassroot Agri Innovations.

0 4

Rural Innovators solutions procured by the District Administration.

Partners of Grassroot Innovation


Impact of Grassroot Innovation Initiative

Partners Of Grassroot Innovation Initiative

Social Innovation

In recent years, the potential of social innovation for bringing about social transformation has been actively explored on a global scale. Several countries, including the member countries of the European Union (EU), have successfully implemented different social innovation models to find innovative answers for a wide range of social challenges in the context of public health, microcredit, climate change, education, poverty and so on. In recent years, the potential of social innovation for bringing about social transformation has become extremely evident. The new vision of the government is to focus on building a vibrant Social Innovation Ecosystem in Telangana. The state is on its way to becoming the leading hub for social innovation in India and is also the first state in the country to draft a Social innovation Policy. In efforts to build a flourishing ecosystem for social enterprises and innovators, the state has conducted multiple programs.

Social Impact Bootcamp

Impact Labs


Impact of Social Innovation Initiative

0 8947

No. of Startups registered

0 356

Seed funded

0 148

Venture funded Startups

0 3420

No. of

0 150

Purchase order awarded

Partners Of Social Innovation Initiative

Success Stories

Impact of Social Innovation Initiative

0 400

Catalysts signed for Telangana
Social Startup Network (TSSN).

0 60

Social Startups scouted across India,
supported through Bootcamps.

Partners of Social Innovation

T Innovation Utsavam

Thought: Thought: To provide a platform to celebrate the stories of inspiring innovators ranging from different age groups backgrounds and diverse sectors, who have against all the odds created a significant impact on their local communities.
Impact: 65 rural innovators participated
Partners Involved: NIRD, Palle Srujana, Inqui-Lab Foundation, CIPS, CREYA.

Intita Innovator Exhibition 2019

Thought: First-of-its-kind initiative, executed in all the districts under the supervision of 33 district collectors, served as a platform for the innovators of Telangana to exhibit their ideas and prototypes to solve their day-to-day problems
Impact: 500 entries, 220 shortlisted innovations
Partners Involved: District Collectorates, Palle Srujana.

Village Innovation Challenge

Thought: An attempt to nurture the mindsets of Unemployed Rural Youth through the approach of establishing a culture of Innovation.
Impact: 28 villages participated, 15 teams pitched innovative solutions for the identified problems
Partners Involved: Telangana Information Technology Association

Social Impact Bootcamp

Thought: An intensive 4-week long mentoring program to mentor some of the most promising social startups from Telangana and give them a platform to connect with the key ecosystem players like impact investors, government promoted bodies and other impact driven organisations.

Impact: 96+ startups participated, 48 interests received from investors, 36 mentors on board, 32 pitches to government of Telangana.

Impact Labs

Thought: A platform that focuses on co-creation and experimentation in social innovation. The lab curates programs for the various stakeholders of the Social Impact Space like Social Startups, NGOs, Multilateral Organisations, CSRs and Researchers to tackle complex social challenges and explore novel methods to drive social innovation.

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