Government of Telangana enables and engages Startup ecosystem with a multi-pronged approach from sensitization of Govt. officials on the startup ecosystem, to enable the startups to connect with the concerned departments for seamless procurement opportunities.

The state ecosystem’s approach has been programmatic in two different ways as explained below:

  1. Sensitisation of Government Officials on Startup Ecosystem
  2. Enabling Government to Mentor and Co-Create with Startups

Sensitization workshops for Government Officials

Government Mentor Program

Government Startup Connect


The workshops are an approach to sensitise Government officials from various departments about the Startup Ecosystem in Telangana and how to offer institutional support to the entrepreneurs. The objectives of the workshops are

  •  To inculcate holistic knowledge on the startup ecosystem
  • To enable them on sourcing innovative solutions for the department-concerned problem

The Government Mentor Program (GMP) is an initiative envisioned to build familiarity with the Government by bringing officials from relevant departments to mentor startups. It is believed that startups work on innovative solutions that have the potential to reform existing processes and services. The goal of GMP is to assist entrepreneurs eyeing the Government as a client to establish connections and seek mentorship from relevant Government officials.The applications from Startups are invited based on the problem statements published by the departments

  1. The applicants are selected by a panel consisting of government officials and industry experts
  2. Startups are mapped to respective HODs/Officials of the departments to further explore the co-creation
  3. Officials dedicate three months to the selected start-ups and mentor them by having weekly calls on discussing goals/priorities and monthly meetup for addressing the issues.

Government-Startup Connect is a unique platform that enables Startups to present their value proposition to Principal Secretaries/Secretaries to the Government of various Depts along with the Chief Secretary of Telangana. The objective of the platform is to facilitate the first level understanding of Startups and their solutions for sector-specific problems. In this process, the startup ecosystem of the state, inclusive of Innovation Stakeholders, Academia, and Incubators collates a list of potential startups for the concerned department. The connect happens through a pitching session, which is then automated based on the startups the department sees as a potential fit and takes forward the conversation to explore the intricacies of the proposition

How does the connection happen?

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