Innovation in Telangana

Telangana, the newest state of India, has been a hotbed of technology innovation owing to its rapid growth as a leader in the Information Technology (IT) sector, pioneering leader in research and innovation. Within a short span the state has developed a layout focusing first of its kind state visioning exercise called “Envision Telangana”. The gathering of many like minded wide-range of experts from all sectors including industries, academia, start-ups & NGOs etc led to many valuable inputs. 

The two most prominent outcomes emerged from them are:

  • Focus on making Telangana a tech-enabled innovative state.
  • Focus on fostering the young talent and young entrepreneurs of the state.

The state has traditionally been highly entrepreneurial with a major segment of its population relying on individual enterprises and unorganized businesses to earn a living. Further, the state has provided an incentive scheme to the startups in its innovation policy to promote, protect and encourage the innovation filled employability across the state.

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